SANTA MARIA                                                                                                    SAIL SHIP EDITION

Neuheit seit 01.11.01

This extraordinary model is made from walnut, mahogany, mukaly and ramin. As usual it will only be produced as ordered.

The  "Santa Maria", originally named "La Gallega", was owned by Juan de la Cosa, who sailed with Columbus as his Captain. On the 3rd of August 1492 she left the Spanish harbour Palos de la Fronters bound for the Canary Islands together with the caravels "Pinta" and "Nina".

On the 12 of October 1492, the sailor Rodrigo de Triana made out land of the New World. Then they discovered the islands San Salvador, Juana, Isabel and Hispaniola. On Christmas Eve 1492 the "Santa Maria" hit a reef and broke up off the cost of Haiti. Her wood was used to build Fort "Navidad", the first European colony in the New World.

  • Scale: 1:65m/m (Lenght: 560 m/m, Height: 485 m/m)
  • 250-300 hours of handwork
  • Limited to 100 pieces only!
  • Price: $ 500.00 US including display case + shipping


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Meet the Maker
of this amazing model,
Marin Berku

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